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Show Notes Season 2

Episode 1~ Mayor Paul Tenhaken

Episode 2~ Corey Vasquez (C2C)

​Welcome to season 2 of From The Ground Up! To kick off the season, we had a very special guest with us, the Mayor of Sioux Falls himself, Mayor Paul TenHaken! As a founder and former CEO of the marketing agency Click Rain, Mayor TenHaken provided great insight and invaluable knowledge about workspace environments and workplace culture, making early financing easier, and the most important parts about experiencing failure.  Listen to the full episode to hear what exactly Mayor TenHaken learned about partnerships and his entrepreneurial journey! This episode is sponsored by Wade Hanson and Associates and by Sweet Cheeks.


Today, we got to talk with Corey Vasquez of Coast 2 Coast Sports and Fitness. Having much experience in the entrepreneurial world, Corey knew exactly how he wanted to make his impact. By surrounding himself with an amazing team every day, Corey teaches everyone that you too can make an impact simply by being a genuine person. Tune in to the full episode to learn why Corey and Coast 2 Coast have such an amazing mission. This episode is sponsored by Kinnect Marketing and by Chili’s. 

Episode 3 ~ Dawn Bures

In today’s episode of From The Ground Up, we talked with Dawn Bures, a former owner of THGrey Boutique! Dawn has and does own many businesses, and though her time with THGrey wasn’t long, she built it into a friendly, nurturing environment for getting to know one another. For Dawn and anyone who was gotten to know THGrey, it’s about way more than the clothes. Tune in to the full episode to hear Dawn talk about the buying and selling process and how she knew it was time to change her role in this environment. This episode is sponsored by Scheels and by Crumbl.

Episode  4 ~ Emmie Uitts (The Playground)

On today’s episode of From The Ground Up, we got to speak with a University of Sioux Falls Alumni and the founder of The Playground, Emmie Uitts! The Playground is an indoor softball facility dedicated to providing kids an amazing environment to enhance their skills in the sport and also learn about leadership. Emmie has been in our shoes with USF’s entrepreneurial program and has been able to apply much of what she has learned, and didn’t learn, to thrive and navigate her entrepreneurial journey. Tune in to the full episode to hear what Emmie learned about taxes and her current transition to her very own facility. This episode is sponsored by MarketBeat and by Chipotle. 

Episode 5 ~ Jeremy Brown (Throne Publishing)

Today, we got to talk with Jeremy Brown, the founder and CEO of Throne Publishing Group. Jeremy started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 19, and he even tried to write a book about what he learned when he was 23. That’s when the spark for Throne Publishing Group started. Throne Publishing helps writers in every step along their book’s journey, from idea conception to releasing the book to the public. Jeremy may not be the biggest fan of sitting down and writing, but he is the biggest fan of making sure that any client he works with knows that they can trust him and his team to make your goals and vision the center of their process. Tune in the whole episode to hear just exactly what goals mean to Throne Publishing and the best way to keep hitting those goals. This episode is sponsored by THGrey and by Sunny’s Pizzeria. 

Episode 6 ~ Teresa Truog (Tweeters   Interior Design)

Today, we got to talk with Teresa Truog about her long career and now ownership with her partner Sarah of Twetten’s Interior Design. Teresa started working with Twetten’s when she was in college as a part of an internship. But after working as a designer for almost a decade and opening a Twetten’s location in Sioux Falls, SD, Teresa and Sarah were asked to buy and carry on the business. Teresa’s story and dedication to Twetten’s are full of passion for the hard work she can do for each of her clients. Tune in to the whole episode to hear just exactly how Teresa and Sarah’s partnership has helped Twetten’s continue to reach 100 years in business! This episode was sponsored by True House Offer and by Bagel Boy.

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From the Ground Up Podcast
(Season 1)

Bonus Episode | NOW AVAILABLE

Show Notes

October 11, 2021

Episode 1 

Allyson Fordyce

The Shop

Today we interview an exciting new business owner. Her name is Allyson who owns her own business called The Shop. A yoga studio downtown with classes tailored to make your work and crafted for everybody. She rents an infrared yoga studio downtown that is open to all ages of the public. Allyson’s call to service was a spiritual call to serve the community. Allyson’s call to serve was also influenced by her friends wanting a space to practice and stretch. Allyson is a normal person like we are she meditates, teaches classes, and learns new techniques for her business and yoga techniques. Allyson had some words of wisdom, you can’t take care of other people if you can’t take care of yourself, don’t take life too seriously it’s temporary, Allyson also calls the present time a present because it’s a gift. Sponsors: The Playground | The Breaks

October 18, 2021

Episode 2

Shania Rozeboom

Rainy Day Coffee

On this episode of From The Ground Up Podcast, we had an amazing chat with Shania Rozeboom from Rainy Day Coffee. Based just outside of Sioux Falls, Rainy Day provides coffee for tons of local shops in and around town. Shania went to school for business, but she couldn’t learn her experience, she had to do it. Even while running her roasting business, Shania works a full-time job. But even with all she’s got going on, Shania knows that she has the capability to do everything she wants to do. All she needs is a great mindset and a spark of passion. Tune in to hear how Shania keeps her head high and her uniqueness her own in an ever-expanding industry. Sponsors: Marketbeat | Sunny's Pizzeria

October 25, 2021

Episode 3
Nate Boscaljon
Boscoljon Design

Today, we talked with Nate Boscoljon of Boscoljon design. Nates passion for woodworking stemmed from his childhood, but his business came from his own need for furniture. At first under a different name, Nate started his business, though he quickly learned how much effort and time it took to getting the business’ name changed. Boscoljon Design creates specialty, hand crafted pieces, and the clients are recommended that they approve of a 3D model before Nate gets too far into the process. Listen in to truly know what helps Nate create and be apart of such a caring community. Sponsors: Marketbeat | Sunny's Pizzeria

November 1, 2021

Episode 4

Lauren Lavin


We had the pleasure of talking to Lauren Lavin from Bakology. Her passion is to create delicious goods that look good not a lot of places can say that. We agree that Lauren’s desserts taste good and look good. Lauren started the love of baking when she was younger, Lauren bakes out of her house with help of her family. She owns one of many local small businesses around town. Lauren started her business from the ground up, after college she had a passion for starting her business. Lauren thinks of food as an experience that brings back those good memories and people. Go check out her Instagram for updates on new products she creates and new promotions. Sponsors: Marketbeat | Juice Stop

November 8, 2021

Episode 5

Katie Murphy

Jane Rae Events

Our episode interviews Katie Murphy from Jane Rae Events. Katie has had this passion for creating parties ever since she was a little kid. She really loves what she does, even when she was a kid, creating her own birthday party. Katie has always had this fiery passion for creating wedding events and giving people a consistent service to one of the most stressful days of their lives. Katie is described to be a very energetic person when she is facilitating her wedding events. She supervises with a smile! Katie can be seen running the whole event from sun up to sun down with a grin.  She has her rough days, but she really loves what she does. Come check out the episode with Katie Murphy from Jane Rae Events to get more insight about her business and how she stays so motivated. Sponsors: Marketbeat | Sunny's Pizzeria

November 15, 2021

Episode 6

Tyler and MonaLisa


On today’s episode of From the Ground Up, we got to talk with Tyler Blake and Monalisa Perez of Wake. Wake is an amazing clothing brand based in Sioux Falls with the mission of self-love and mental health support. With Tyler’s background in fashion and Monalisa’s passion for connection, the two of them are a fantastic team with big ideas. Wake recently released a new brand under the Wake name called Theyself by Wake. Theyself is a women-centered brand to inspire even more self-love but also women empowerment. Nothing drives Tyler and Monalisa more than each other and their creativity. Tune in to hear how Tyler and Monalisa got a start to their brand and where they dream to take their powerhouse team. Sponsors: Marketbeat | Daily Clean Food & Drink

November 22, 2021

Episode 7

Jon Oppold

Sunny's Pizzeria

This week we had the pleasure of talking with Jon Oppold from Sunny’s Pizzeria. Sunny’s has been open for about 2 years and is so excited to have expanded to another location! Jon himself has quite a bit of experience in the field of marketing, so when it came to marketing for Sunny’s, the process came naturally. Even when creating Sunny’s, it was easy for Jon to find a place in the market where Sunny’s could be unique from the other pizzerias. Not everything has been smooth sailing for Sunny’s. Tune in to find out how a popular small business with limited staff navigates big changes! Sponsors: The Factory | Mixx Nutrition

November 29, 2021

Episode 8

Melissa Johnson

Oh My Cupcakes!

On this episode of From The Ground Up, we talked with Melissa Johnson of Oh My Cupcakes!. Melissa started Oh My Cupcakes! back in 2009 and has only grown since, though it hasn’t come without its downfalls. Before the pandemic, Oh My Cupcakes! made some big renovations to the point where they had to cut back and minimize spending. This setback helped Oh My Cupcakes! to better handle the pandemic when it did hit to come out in a better place. Melissa loves the community she created and loves her customers. She has a lot of heartwarming stories, so tune in to hear how big changes can start with a cupcake. Sponsors: Irish Twin Soaps | Sunny's Pizzeria

December 03, 2021

Bonus Episode

Jodi Schwan


This week on From the Ground Up features a special bonus episode to end the season! Jodi Schwan, founder of Align Content Studio and Pigeon605, informs business leaders through online articles that range from many topics. You might know her as the sole contributor to SiouxFalls.Business, but she also does marketing for a lot of local companies here in Sioux Falls, SD. Jodi started her online news sources as a way to provide news for businesses owners and to get younger audiences interested in news and connected to their community. Tune in to hear how Jodi learned to manage and promote all of her stories as the sole brain behind both operations. Sponsor: La Luna


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